Wine Tourism: Fall Is The Perfect Time To Visit A Winery

Fall is a fantastic time to visit wineries for a variety of reasons. The foliage is turning a rainbow array of colors, the weather is crisp but sunny, and for the majority of wineries, fall is the season when their grapes are harvested. Each winery has different varietals that are developed into specific types of wine. 

Read on to discover how to pick out the perfect winery for you to visit.

Location, Location, Location

Wine Regions

Each region of the United States that produces wine is better suited for making some types of wine rather than others. For example, Oregon's Willamette Valley produces amazing Pinot Noir wine on par with a Bordeaux that you would find in France. The climate and soil are similar in each country and the varietal of grapes used are the same. You can find a beautiful Chardonnay in this region as well, but to experience a superior Chardonnay, Napa Valley would be your best choice. The climate and soil in this region of California produces the best Chardonnay in the world.

Picking The Perfect Winery

There are a few different methods for deciding on a winery to visit. To pick the best winery for you, decide what type of wine is your favorite or one that you would like to expand your knowledge on. Next, pick a region in the United States that is famous for cultivating and making that type of wine.

If you are looking for a winery close to home, find out what wine your region of the country is known for. Pick a winery that has won an award or awards for their brand of that type of wine. If you live in a region that is full of wineries that have all won awards, then just pick the one with the most beautiful surroundings. 

Booking A Color Tour

Most wineries offer a "color tour" in the fall so that patrons can enjoy the changing colors of the trees in the lush and beautiful surroundings of a winery. On these tours you will be able to choose a tasting flight of a variety of whites, reds, blushes, and oranges, depending on what type of wine is made there. For added fun, bring a group of friends. If you are feeling bold, you can book a tour bus that will take you and your friends to multiple wineries in one day. If traveling to just one, bring a friend who can be a designated driver.

Happy planning and enjoy your fall trip to a wine tasting!

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Fall is a fantastic time to visit wineries for a variety of reasons. The foliage is turning a rainbow array of colors, the weather is crisp but sunny,

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