Common Wine Myths

A glass of wine can be the perfect addition to almost any meal and social event. However, building a high-quality wine collection can be an intimidating task for those that are just starting to learn more about this type of beverage. If you are finding yourself looking to start a wine collection, you need to ensure that you are not under the impression that some routine myths are true:

Myth: Wine Is Always Made From Grapes

Individuals will frequently assume that wine is always made from grapes. While it is true that most wine is made from this fruit, it is possible to make wines using a wide assortment of ingredients. In particular, other fruits are commonly used as a base ingredient in wine production. For example, plum wine has emerged as an option that is growing in popularity among many people due to its sweet undertones and light finish. When you are choosing wines to buy, you should consider trying wines that are made from fruits others than grapes as they can help to give you a better variety.

Myth: It Does Not Matter How You Store Your Wine

One of the great advantages of having a large wine collection is the ability to have convenient access to the perfect wine for your occasion. However, individuals will frequently make mistakes when storing their wines that can cause them to degrade. When storing your wine, you will want to place it in an area that will have stable and low temperatures and humidity levels. Additionally, when you are storing the wine, you will want to make sure that any bottles that have corks are stored on the side. This will help to prevent the cork from drying out, which can make it difficult to remove.

Myth: All Wines Need To Be Stored To Enhance Their Quality

It is common for people to see media that depicts individuals opening bottles of wine that have been stored for long periods of time. This can lead to the assumption that all wines will benefit from being stored for long periods of time before consumption. However, most wines are designed to be consumed fairly soon after being purchased. While these wines may benefit slightly from prolonged aging in your wine cellar, the benefits may be barely perceptible. When buying a wine, it is important to discuss its storage with the retailer as they will be able to provide guidance as to whether the wine will experience noticeable benefits from being stored for long periods of time.

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